AXIS INSURANCE SERVICES, LLC: The Fiduciary Liability Specialists

Individuals who oversee a company’s pension, savings, profit-sharing, employee benefit, or health/welfare plans are liable to the beneficiaries of these plans for any breach of their fiduciary duties. A fiduciary can be a director, officer, employee or other retained person(s). Recent changes with the new fiduciary rule have create increased liability for companies and individuals at all levels.

In addition, recent lawsuits involving a spate of high-profile universities illustrate the types of exposures fiduciaries face: Retirement plan sponsors of each of the university’s plans are being sued by employees for failure to monitor excessive fees paid to administer the plans and for not replacing these more expensive, poor-performing investments with cheaper ones.

Fiduciary Liability insurance from Axis Insurance Services, LLC is designed to respond to these and other exposures faced by fiduciaries.