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Axis Insurance Services, LLC provides a free hotline to all our clients whether you purchase Cyber coverage or not, connecting you with data breach coach, Mullen Coughlin LLC, in the event of a cyber incident. Mullen Coughlin’s attorneys assist clients facing data privacy and security issues, such as responding to data breaches or security incidents, and other compliance issues arising from contractual, state, federal and international requirements.

Mullen Coughlin will work closely with your management team, in-house and outside IT and forensic experts, law enforcement and governmental regulators to accomplish compliant, accurate and smart public reporting.  When necessary, Mullen Coughlin is well equipped to defend litigation, including national consumer class-action litigation and regulatory enforcement actions.

When you call Mullen Coughlin, you will be instructed as such:

After the tone, leave:

  • The full name of your organization;
  • The name and phone number of the individual authorized to discuss this matter, and if available
  • The name of your Insurance Carrier and policy number.

Please state the contact phone number twice.

Please Note: To protect the confidentiality of sensitive information, please do not leave any details other than the information requested.   Be advised that leaving a message on this line does not constitute notice of a claim to your carrier.  Mullen Coughlin will contact you within 2-4 business hours to discuss the details of this matter.  The initial discussion will be protected by the attorney-client privilege.

CYBER HOTLINE: (844) 844-0109

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Following is information for greater insight into the need for Cyber Liability insurance:

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Cyber Liability/Privacy & Network Security

Claims Scenarios

Following are several Cyber and Privacy & Network Security claims filed in the past.

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Cyber Liability/Privacy & Network Security

Cyber Hotline/Resources

Axis Insurance Services, LLC provides a free hotline to all our clients whether you purchase Cyber coverage or not.

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Cyber Liability/Privacy & Network Security

Why Cyber Liability

All types and size companies are targets of cyber attacks today. Whether you are a large accounting firm or healthcare provider.

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Tail Coverage Insurance

For nearly two decades, the insurance professionals at Axis Insurance Services, LLC

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