E&O For Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Commercial real estate professionals deal with large amounts of money on a daily basis. With so many new real estate investment opportunities cropping up, it’s no surprise that more litigation claims are being filed against real estate professionals. Those without the proper liability coverage could put their corporate as well as personal assets at risk. Thanks to corporate liability suits that followed the Enron trials, more and more judges have been finding for claimants, even in small-claims professional liability suits.

You can protect yourself and your real estate business Рwe specialize in helping real estate professionals, like property managers, agents, and consultants. We will help analyze your company’s needs, so that you can shop for coverage more effectively and continue to work confidently.

Over the years, we’ve developed strong relationships with a number of innovative insurance carriers, so we can help create a tailored professional liability program for you. This is important, as many such packages get issued generically. For instance, the Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance form which most carriers issue for Errors and Omissions insurance doesn’t include coverage for innocent insureds, independent contractors, discrimination, pollution, and other critical items.

Moreover, it’s difficult to know where coverage gaps in your policy are, until you encounter a liability situation. Fortunately, our team is highly-skilled with policy language and can help review your coverage. To get started, simply download and fill out one of our online applications, or call our office with any questions. At Axis Insurance Services, we look forward to working with you.