Real Estate Errors And Omissions Insurance

Real estate industry professionals are constantly vying for market share on a number of fronts. As you work with your clients you also must keep an eye on what your colleagues are doing. Given all the distractions and responsibilities, it’s inevitable that you’re going to make a mistake or omission.

The mistakes you make will be benign, but if your negligence causes financial loss for your client, leads to breach of contract, or worse, you could be held personally liable for damages. This liability pierces corporate shells. It’s smart to equip yourself with comprehensive, cost-effective Errors and Omissions real estate insurance.

We can analyze your E&O risk and connect you with carriers around the nation. We will carefully review your existing coverage and make suggestions for improvement. We will also help you avoid purchasing an Errors and Omissions policy that excludes coverage that you may need–such as protection for independent contractors.

We have helped hundreds of real estate professionals and have the industry-specific knowledge that you need. We service commercial and residential agents, property managers, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, title/escrow agents, and many others.

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