Employment Practices Liability Insurance

All companies who have employees need to secure the right Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage.

This important policy provides full-spectrum coverage for employers – offering protection from costly legal battles which arise from daily employment activities. For instance, if one of your co-workers or subordinates gets charged with discrimination or sexual harassment, EPLI can help protect you and your company’s assets from financial harm.

EPLI also covers claims relating to hiring and firing policies, as well as advancement and promotion decisions. It’s vital that every business, no matter of its size, develops a culture of responsibility and tolerance, and has policies and procedures to discipline inappropriate behavior before it develops into something worse. Employers should take all employee complaints seriously and investigate any misjudgments on behalf of their staff.

While creating a positive environment in your office won’t eliminate the need for EPLI, it may help mitigate liability in the event that any litigation occurs. For more information about how this policy works, or to start reviewing coverage options, we invite you to work us.

We are a national professional liability insurance brokerage. We specialize in helping all types of professional service firms, including real estate professionals. We can custom build proper EPLI coverage for employers and their employees. Contact one of our experienced professionals today to take the first step towards mitigating gaps in your EPLI coverage.