Directors And Officers Insurance

What are some issues to consider when trying to piece together a Directors and Officers insurance package? First of all, you want to think about policy limits. The standard limits for Directors and Officers Liability insurance is around one million dollars. However, larger firms or publicly traded companies usually like to get at least five million dollars in protection. All quotes for Directors and Officers Liability insurance come with both an individual and aggregate limit.

Second, you should interview carriers in terms of how they cover claims. Rates can vary substantially. It’s a good idea to consult with an Axis Insurance Services specialist to help you sort out your various D&O insurance options–we have agents in most states. We are a large company with substantial experience, particularly in terms of setting ideal policies for real estate professionals.

Here are some other questions to consider when evaluating various policy options. Does your D&O liability policy cover the company in addition to its directors and officers? Are you covered for punitive damages? What is the deductible for your employment practices liability?

For personalized assistance in sorting out these Directors and Officers coverage questions, you can always turn to Axis Insurance Services, LLC. Our specialists understand both the big picture of D&O insurance and the fine print associated with claims. We can help you structure your coverage to get you maximum protection at minimum expense.