Customized D&O Insurance Policies

Thanks to a recent spate of aggressive and high-profile lawsuits against reckless corporate executives, directors and officers around the country are more nervous than ever about being personally held liable for business mistakes. Even if someone else–an employee, a manager, or another director–is responsible, you could be called to the carpet. Moreover, even if a specious claim is filed against you, you may have to pay quite a deal of money out of pocket to clear your name if you’re not covered by Directors and Officers insurance.

Even seemingly innocuous managerial duties can end up backfiring and leading to finger-pointing. Comprehensive D&O liability insurance can protect against a wide range of potential problems, including concerns over hiring and firing decisions and marketing strategies, such as defamation of character and unfair trade advantage. Given the sheer number of responsibilities already on the shoulders of directors and officers, it can be difficult to mitigate for every specific contingency, which is why comprehensive insurance is vital.

Axis Insurance Services, LLC, is a leading D&O insurance agency with agents across the country. We have brokers who can custom-tailor directors and officers insurance packages for you. Whether you are an independent real estate entrepreneur or a large-scale mortgage broker, we can work with you to design and implement a well crafted D&O plan to secure your business and put your mind at ease.

The D&O insurance we can connect you with is surprisingly affordable. We’ll help isolate what kinds of coverage you need, so you don’t pay extra for purposeless bells and whistles. Especially if you’re considering expanding your business into new markets, hiring additional third party consultants, or redefining your business, it is critical to reevaluate your insurance coverage. Call or e-mail an Axis Insurance Services representative today to get started.