What is Crime Insurance?

Crime insurance protects companies from theft of assets, such as cash, wire transfers, fraud, and forgery. In addition, it shields companies from liability in the event that the cash or assets of others is stolen.

For example, if you are a property manager, and a tenant’s rent is stolen, crime insurance can protect you against the loss of that rent. Because theft cases can sometimes lead to lawsuits, crime insurance is one of the safeguards that every company needs.

It’s easy to find the right coverage from a trusted insurance brokerage like Axis Insurance Services, LLC. We support nationwide real estate professionals, including escrow agents, mortgage brokers and bankers, and property managers.

Customized Coverage

Our customer service has earned us a great reputation in the industry and we’ve successfully provided custom-built crime insurance coverage to hundreds of professionals.

We are more than willing to learn the nuances of your business and help you find the best crime insurance coverage. We’ll make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities under your insurance policy.

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