Our Professionals

Executive Team

Mike W. Smith, Principal/CEO
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Javier Gonzalez, Partner/Executive Vice President of Sales
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Justina Confer, Vice President of HR & Finance
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Heather Verdui, Vice President, Operations
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Sales Team

Matthew Culkin, Professional Liability Broker
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Joan Pandorf, Sales Assistant & Licensing Manager
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Dylan Kelly, Professional Liability Broker
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Account Services Team

Mary Salerno, Assistant Vice President, Claims
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Patricia L. Harvey, Account Manager
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Megan Lindquist-Obrotka, Account Manager
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Marianna Greene, Account Manager
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Jami Contardi, Account Manager

Accounting Team

Timothy Kennedy, Surplus Lines Tax Manager
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Kelly Lacey, Accounts Receivable Manager

Mike Brady, Vice President of Finance, Controller
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Administrative Team

Drew Smith, Marketing Assistant
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Christopher Davis, Marketing Manager